Reflections on a memory

Sometimes out of the bubble called Facebook some interesting revelations pop up. Below is a post from Facebook that was a memory of something written a year ago. It was interesting because I am going through similar thoughts and processes now as I establish myself as a Spiritual Coach. Check out the post and I will share my reflections below … "I f...
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The Mirror of Life

When one of my clients is going through challenges or changes in their life a technique or rather an approach I teach them to help reveal underlying beliefs about their life and ways of behaving called the Mirror of Life and I will give you the basics today so that you can start using it for yourself. The mirror of life is the recognition that what...
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A daily Insight - Base Chakra

As a means to stimulate ideas for content to write as an article I thought I would use Angel cards as a starting point and point of focus.Each time I choose to sit and write an new article for my website I will pick one card and write about it. It may be relevant for you or it may not. Regardless it is an excellent way of expanding your thinking an...
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