Tarot for Change Introduction Workshop

Discover how to use Tarot to go beyond Divination and explore Self.
Discover who you are Being and who you are Becoming as you journey on your path.
Tarot is used because of its rich tapestry of images and in this workshop we will explore the Psycho-Spiritual meaning as well as the Jungian symbology and Archetypes found within the cards.

I'm excited to be running a workshop introducing Tarot as a tool for development and exploration.

When we begin our journey exploring our place in the world and discovering our Purpose, there are times when you may have wished there was a tool kit or a manual to help guide us through the difficult twists and turns.

Tarot is a useful tool that can be used beyond what is often taught and give us a framework within which to seek useful answers.

For me Tarot is not about memorising the meaning of each card, although you can if you wish, instead, mastering the symbolic language found within the cards is a more potent way of working with the deck.

In this workshop discover a way of using the cards that explores who you are without judgement.

You will need:

  • A Tarot Deck (Riders Waite or similar) … if you do not have a Tarot Deck we have some available to play with
  • A curious mind and willingness to explore
  • A passing familiarity with Tarot is helpful but you do not need to know the meaning of each card
  • Water, Pen and Paper for notes

Provided: Refreshments, Detailed Notes

Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Next Introductory Workshop: Saturday 26th August 2023

Location: Currawong Community Centre, Currawong Street, Morningotn Victoria 3931

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