All About me

I know you were wondering ... 

An image of Matu and LuluMy Mission is to help people connect to Spirit and your own inner guidance

Hi everyone, my name is Matu and for most of my life I have noticed that I knew things, things I couldn't know. This knowing would get me into trouble because I would understand something but not have the "proof" to back up what I knew. I ended up playing dumb because it was easier than explaining what I knew.

In the late 1990's I began exploring this 'knowing' and joined a Psychic Development circle. In this circle I learned more about Spirit and our psychic abilities. I say 'our' because everyone has this ability (think gut feeling or hunches) and they can be developed. I continued exploring by attending various courses helping me explore different levels of ability including channelling, remote viewing, mediumship and seeing Auric fields. I also explored the various tools you can use to gain access and recognise the messages being transmitted - oracle cards, pendulums, crystals and Tarot. I began my journey with Tarot in 1998 when I was guided to purchase my first deck, I use this deck today to access information for myself and my clients.

It was fun realising the depth of connection I have with Spirit as well as meeting my various guides and those that work with me on a daily basis. Currently I am exploring trance states and allowing my guides to come through directly. I unconsciously access this depth of connection when running my workshops, and this surprised me when I first realised and now I would like to allow my guides direct access so that they can better share the information needed to help people.

My Vision is unfolding having moved from a focus on building a business, working with business people, to one of building a community of like-minded people seeking to connect something greater than themselves because we all have guidance ready and willing to help us, we only need ask.

One of the reasons I wanted to explore this connection for myself and teach more people how to access their own is because there is so much conflicting and misleading information out in the world it can be hard to separate ourselves from the mundane influences and trust what we know. This is your higher guidance.

It is my desire to teach people how to recognise and then connect into this guidance allowing a deeper satisfaction to be experienced in their lives. To have a deeper meaning switches on the light of inspiration and this is what I wish to be in the lives of those around me.

Having experienced deep depression, doubts and fear for much of my life and then stepped out in a bright new experience, I want to help others move out of these dark spaces into feelings of joy, abundance, excitement and love 

We have a responsibility as Spiritual beings to remember who we are and shake off the shackles our mental selves impose.

It takes courage to see beyond the illusions of the world and accept as real a greater reality.

Our minds are powerful beyond measure and by understanding this and consciously and purposefully using it to serve others I can help the world become a better place.

If you feel helpless, without hope, purposeless, let me hold the peace and vision for you and with the help of our guides dispel this part of your life freeing the body and mind.

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