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Sometimes out of the bubble called Facebook some interesting revelations pop up. Below is a post from Facebook that was a memory of something written a year ago. It was interesting because I am going through similar thoughts and processes now as I establish myself as a Spiritual Coach.

Check out the post and I will share my reflections below …

"I feel like a fake!

I call myself a manifestation junkie but right now I can't seem to manifest a sandwich .. and I know why - transition.

You know those moments when you move out of one action plan into another, sort of like limbo because it feels like you have only just started your journey.

I could lose faith at this point, I could knock myself out of alignment simply because old patterns of thinking. This is the time of vigilance, being mindful of whats going on in your mind, and knocking any limiting thoughts, beliefs that stop me or any unfocused self-talk ... on the head!

ACIM has two questions that are helpful right now ... 'what do you treasure' and 'how much do you treasure it?'

What are you answers?

'The Essence of My Every Desire Can Be Fulfilled... If your time-space reality has the wherewithal to inspire a desire within you, it is our absolute promise to you that your time-space reality has the ability to deliver, in full-manifested form, the reality of the desire it has inspired. Any and all desires can be fulfilled unless you are holding yourself out of alignment with your own desire. The feeling of competition or shortage, or limitation of resources, means you are out of alignment with your own desire.' - Abraham"

It is interesting because it showed me how far I had come in a year and also how cyclical life experiences can be.

My belief in myself as a 'Manifestation Junkie' was rocky at best but since posting this insight I have recognised that I was indeed manifesting but not what I wanted but what I was focused on at the time.

We pay attention to a lot of information as well as the cacophony of noise that surrounds us in the world. Our filtering systems get activated and we see or hear what we want to see or hear. Similar to being able to understand what your best friend is saying in a noisy party or recognising when you have crossed a line with your partner … you embrace other senses to fill in the gaps between seeing or hearing.

Back when this posted was written I wasn't paying attention to the little voice that doubted or questioned I abilities to make something happen. As we all do we become adept at pushing these doubts aside or avoiding hearing them at all. We put our minds to sleep because we are scared of what we may find.

This was me … high functioning unconscious person.

The difference today is that I am not afraid. I am not afraid to look into the dark part of my soul and as the hard questions. Don't get me wrong it is still scary and I throw tantrums as the small child in me doesn't want to play … but this time I accept the shadow self. 

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